Nutripuncture is cutting-edge therapy that works on the energy system of the body (organs and meridians) in a similar way to acupuncture. It is in a chewable pill form however, widening the benefits of acupuncture to the large number of people who don’t want to be needled. Nutripuncture consists of different combinations of trace minerals that transfer specific electromagnetic information to the cells of the body, rather like programming a computer. Nutripuncture can be used to break the cycle of poor cellular programming that can cause disease by energetically reprogramming the cells, thus allowing the body to achieve a better state of physical and emotional health.

Nutripuncture can be used to balance the yin/yang of the body, treat physical or emotional symptoms, keep the body in harmony with the season, release the effects of trauma and help heal core emotional and spiritual issues.

Emma is the first acupuncturist in the US to be certified in Nutripuncture.

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