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Do you still feel sick even though your doctor tells you that your bloodwork is fine? Do you feel tired, stressed or have trouble sleeping? Do you have heartburn or feel bloated after eating? Do you feel constipated? Are you finding it difficult to lose weight?

These are just some of the indications that your health could need some help.

Acupuncture Healing and Natural Medicine can provide invaluable support and has had success with these
issues as well as a myriad of other health challenges including
*chronic pain,
*immune issues,
*depression, anxiety and emotional imbalance
*gynaecological problems
*urinary issues

In fact any health complaint you have can be improved or eliminated with acupuncture and natural medicine.

Emma Sharp is a highly trained and experienced practitioner of Chinese medicine.

Emma is passionate about bringing Los Angeles and Santa Monica area residents the very best in acupuncture, herbology and Chinese medicine.

Acupuncture Healing and Natural Medicine Center offers patients a number of healing modalities in addition to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. These include Nutritional Counseling and Supplementation, Homeopathy and Flower Remedies. The Center also offers diagnostic testing services such as Quantum Reflex Analysis, blood, stool, saliva, urine and hair, in addition to traditional Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis. Individualized muscle testing is available to ensure that programs meet the specific needs of different patients.

Let us help you find your way back to the healthy lifestyle Los Angeles is famous for. Come see us and take the first step forward to well being.

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Oasis Healing Center
12114 Venice Blvd.
Venice, CA 90066


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